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Per Routine

Flat Fee for Digital Downloads Only

Does not include print on demand productswhich are sold separately.

Viewing and purchasing from our galleries requires a password that is provided to your studio representative. Please contact them for your studio’s access code prior to purchasing.

* $25.00 Package price starts January 1, 2018

Easy Pricing

Providing a flat $35 rate for each performance gives you simple pricing.

Share The Fun With The Whole Studio

Flat rate pricing is especially attractive for groups - the larger the group, the less you pay. For example, a group with 35 performers reduces the routine price to $1 per dancer!

Streamlined Ordering & Fulfillment

Our Media Package is produced in-house and added to our photo and video sales portal within 5 days of your event, allowing you to access it from a web browser or download to share with each act’s performers. Bypassing 3rd party vendors allows us to pass the savings on to you!

High Quality Prints Now Available

In conjunction with our media hosting partner Zenfolio, we are now able to offer high-quality prints in a variety of sizes as well as beautiful large-format ink-jet artwork on canvas. You can easily add them to your shopping cart along with our digital downloads.

(1) From your studio's gallery, choose the act you would like to purchase. The first item in each list is a video, and the rest are photos. In the area on the right hand side, there is a blue link labeled "See All Products".


(2) After Choosing "See All Products" there will be a page with a product called "Media Package". Click the "Start Building" link to add all your photos and video for each routine.


(3) On the Media Package page, you will need to add your video to the photos that are automatically selected as part of the package (you receive all photos by default). Just grab the video form the left hand column and drag it into the Routine Video slot. If you happen to have a photo selected when you choose the Media Package product, the video will be located in the "All" tab.


(4) Click the "Add To Cart" in the lower right to place it in your shopping cart. Repeat this process for every routine you would like to purchase.

(5) If you would like only the photos or videos from a routine, there are products for those only. When you clock on "See All Products" when choosing a routine, you can scroll down and select "See More" under the Downloads product:


(6) Add the Routine Photos or Routine Videos (depending on what you have selected) to you cart for $17.50/each.

(7) If you have a photo selected, you can also choose Prints, Home Decor or Photo Gifts to purchase a variety of unique products customized with your dancers image on them.

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